ceetec® flat handlbar xc-racing

carbon UD mat
width 700mm 
backsweep 6.5°
rise 0.0°
weight 114g

carbon UD mat
width 720mm
backsweep 6.5°
rise 0.0°
weight 118g
Worth knowing:
The stronger the carbon fiber, the more brittle it is. No good product can be built with just one fiber type. The idea is for ceetec® to have a "prescription" and to mix the fibers that use the strengths and weaknesses of each fiber depending on the intended use in the component. We use up to 3 different fiber types in one product to meet the entire complexity of the requirements. With the correspondingly correct manufacturing process, components (such as rims) can be produced which have an absolutely perfect ratio in order to be able to pass the toughest tests.
 Test by the best
 MTB-Handlebar C1 Tech-Spec's:
 - 700 - 720mm Width
 - 6.5° Backsweep
 - 0.0° Rise
 - 115-118g Weight