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The  R E V O L U T I O N  has begun....

♦ New:  Click here  -> WE MAKE IT Project Seatclamp V2.0

♦ New:  Seatpost C1 Evo2 /  2018

♦ New: MTB 29er Revolution22 and Revolution27 Wheels - now available !

♦ New: MTB-Handlebar C2.0 720mm

New: The Race-Cage V2.0

tested and used on race, such as on: olympic xco, worldcup xco, transalp, cape epic etc.

Interview with Thomas Litscher / MTB Pro-Rider jb Brunex Felt Team

Thomas, you've been driving with ceetec® for a couple of months now.
What products do you use?
At the moment, I'm on the way with handlebar, bottlecage, seatpost, ahead-cap and the new wheels.

The number of product manufacturers is very large.
Why did you choose ceetec®?
I find it cool that a Swiss company is among the many manufacturers with high-quality products. I trust in Swiss quality and the weight and stiffness has convinced me.

What is your favorite ceetec® product?
With the 72cm handlebar I get super clear, but of course the wheels are my favorites.

You‘re racing at worlds top level. What are the benefits of ceetec® products?
The quality gives me confidence that I am on the way with good material and I have no thought about it. And with the lightweight parts, the bike weight is also made easier.

Can you influence product development at ceetec®?
I like to have my ideas incorporated, or give feedback. It’s also well received, which is finally implemented, is left to ceetec.

Would you talk about  a cooperation with ceetec®?
Yes, a good cooperation with an outfitter, I imagine the same as it currently runs with ceetec. Always open for conversations about the material and with the support I’m very satisfied

As a longtime professional in various teams you’ve a great experience in the material.
What are the differences between ceetec® and other manufacturers?
At such a high level of different manufacturers, it’s always difficult to identify large differences. Of course, ceetec is with the weight of your parts world tip and with the appropriate stiffness to this the material is perfect.

Thanks Thomas for your time and in continue fort he upcoming races all the best!

                                                   We are official Supporter and Partner for the UCI ELITE MTB XCO TEAM:
                    Mountainbike Racing Team CST                 OMX Pro Mountain Bike Team / UK                     jb brunex FELT Team / SUI
                            American Eagle / NL    


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Swiss Components

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